Old Cars In Nice Neighborhoods

Here we go parking a old beat up car in a nice neighborhood. There is nothing like a old rusted or even a damaged car that someone is working on or has no other place to store it and therefore you get to look at it every day.

Most neighborhoods where homes are over $1 million will not have this problem because these people have the money to keep their vehicles maintained. You will find while inspecting houses that the more affluent neighborhoods will not have problems like this because the people are more like minded and feel a certain obligation to their neighborhood.

I was surprised because this car is actually parked in a neighborhood where homes are selling for over $700,000.

Keep in mind this car is not that big of an eyesore and I have personally seen a lot worse. There have been times where I seen as many as 12 cars parked in the front of one house, on the lawn and even on the sidewalks.

If this is something that bothers you keep it in mind while driving through the neighborhood on your home inspection.