Old Concrete Stairs

Here's a good example of an older concrete set of stairs used for the entrance to a home. This home probably has a raised foundation and required a stairway.

The stairway has a gripable double handrail on the one side, while creating a safety hazard on the other side.

There is a good chance the stairs meet local building requirements but it wouldn't be a bad idea to have another handrail or guardrail installed on the other side for extra safety.

These concrete stairs are also painted and if the wrong paint is used the stairs can become slippery, creating more problems.

I personally do not recommend painting any concrete because of safety and water retention in the concrete itself. Too much moisture in the concrete can eventually cause damage to the stairs.

I slipped one time on a curb that was painted red to signify that area was designated for no parking. I was walking out of an apartment building on a rainy day and the maintenance people had painted this curb with a high gloss paint. Well, I slipped and fell pretty hard on my back, I was not seriously injured but could only imagine an elderly person in the same situation.

If you do paint concrete be aware that it can become extremely slippery with a little water.

I would like to point out that I have seen plenty of painted concrete walkways and stairways that are over 70 years old and are still in great shape.