Repaired Roof Fascia Board

The repaired roof fascia board is a common repair from wood rot or termite damage. This repair looks like it was made by an experienced carpenter and does not look that bad.

If you look to the left of the Black arrow about 12 inches you will see a line going up at about a 45° angle. This line is where the repaired piece of fascia board was spliced in to the existing fascia board.

If you don't like to see any breaks or splices in your fascia board, you would need to replace the damaged fascia board with a new one.

This would be a little more money to repair and would look better, the problem with this is that when you're selling your house you really don't seem to care anymore about what the house looks like. Your main focus is now the new house you're going to be moving into.

These repairs are common by most home inspectors or real estate professionals that only have one thing in mind and that is selling the home. They really don't seem to care about the way the house looks as much as they care about selling the home.

This is another home inspection clue and now you should be looking for more repairs that were done to satisfy the home inspection report but might not be cosmetically appealing.