Residential Driving Problems

When I mention the word residential driving problems it probably confuses most people. It seems like most homeowners purchase a house and then find out all the little quirks and problems about the neighborhood.

This is the main reason why I built the website Home Inspection Help. Trying to point out the most common problems homeowners face when purchasing a home.

The problem with this street is the cars are traveling between 40 and 50 miles an hour and you have to really be paying attention when driving out of this neighborhood.

So when I mention residential driving problems you need to be aware when inspecting a house of the potential driving problems in a neighborhood you are considering purchasing a house.

The limited visibility along with the speed limit could create automobile accident. Keep this in mind when purchasing a home near a major street or highway.

You'll find most newer neighborhoods built after the 1990s will not have traffic problems like this because the planning department along with local law enforcement agencies have helped eliminate residential driving problems.