Roof Fascia Corner Replaced

This looks like a simple fascia board replacement and of course it is very cost effective. This type of replacement is relatively inexpensive to repair.

The two black arrows point to the cuts that were made to remove the damaged fascia board to make the repair.

Sometimes these repairers will create additional gaps for water to leak into and eventually cause more damage, which would require another repair shortly down the road.

To avoid this make sure you find the reason why the fascia board was damaged in the first place. It seems like most of these repairs are made by carpenters, while the damage was done by the roofer.

Most damage to the fascia board will be at the corners of the house and would have been caused by poor roofing materials or installation.

Keep in mind the fascia board is the lowest part of the roof and will have a large amount of water flowing onto it if the house does not have any gutters or the roofing material does not extend far enough past the edge of the roof.

Most roofing material should extend at least 1/2" past the fascia board.