Rough Looking Staircase

This wooden staircase looks fairly old and weathered. This would be one of those staircases that you need to be extremely careful walking up and down.

Use your best judgment for making this decision.

As you can see, some of the risers have been replaced with 1 x 6 or 2 x 6, I really can't tell. All I can visibly see is two different kinds of wood and it would be my best guess that the 2 x 6 was replaced by the 1 x 6, because the 2 x 6 riser at the top of the first set of stairs has a large split in it. While the risers towards the bottom seemed to be in pretty good shape.

This is definitely a rough looking staircase and should be examined thoroughly by the home inspector.

Stairs should be in good shape because they are high traffic areas around the house and can become safety hazards over time if not properly maintained.