Side House Easement

From the side of your house to the fence is usually the side property easements, however, sometimes the fences or the houses are not built in exactly the right spots.

I have ran into this problem doing room additions and building tract homes. 99% of the time the fences and the homes are going to be located on or close to the right spots.

Rarely will you find a house with less than a 5 foot easement on each side of your home. This is usually the smallest easement allowed by most cities and the reason for this is, just in case someone needs to get some heavy equipment into their backyard, an example of this would be for pool construction, they would tear the fence down between the properties and this would give them 10 feet which is usually enough room for the equipment to drive into one of the backyards.

Don't forget some houses have zero lot lines where the house will be built on the property line and this form of building will probably become more popular in the future because there is less build able property for construction use.