Storage On Side Of House

Well storing stuff on the side of the house could be a problem to the homeowners as well as neighbors. Most of the time the neighbors do not want to see empty bags or boxes and in some cases even trash cans or trash bags laying on the side or in front of someone's house.

This obviously is not that big of a mess with only a few items. One of the biggest problems with leaving stuff on the outside of your house is the possibility of losing these items.

Obviously these items have little value to the homeowner or they are completely oblivious to the fact that anyone can pull into their driveway and throw these items into their vehicle and never be seen again.

If you have a neighbor that works in the construction business this could create an eyesore to the neighborhood as they bring home their extra building materials or even building waste.

When driving through a neighborhood for your home inspection this will be very easy to spot and if it bothers you keep in mind that the storage on the side of the house can actually get larger.

It's usually not hard to spot items in a neighborhood that will irritate you because you see this all the time while driving around in your car.

Most of us know exactly what bothers us and can easily spot these neighborhood problems.