If you are going to go into the home inspection business I would recommend you get a nice flashlight. Flashlights come in many shapes and sizes. Most home inspectors have an assortment of flashlights either on their tool belt or in their vehicle.

Like a six foot ladder almost every home in the country has a flashlight. It will be your personal preference whether you need a flashlight powerful enough to light a small city or one a little simpler but effective.

As a home inspector it will be to your benefit to have a small flashlight the size of your finger to use in small hard to get to spaces.

You will also need a large enough flashlight when crawling around the home's attic and crawlspace areas.

When crawling around underneath a house or inside of an attic it would be a good idea to have a spare flashlight just in case the one you are using stops working.

Some flashlights are sensitive and break easily. Try to get a durable flashlight. Most home improvement stores will be able to help you select a durable flashlight.

Just a reminder when crawling around the house attic or crawlspace, try to avoid any tight spaces. If there are difficult or un-accessible areas of the house just make a note of that on your report. There is no need to risk your life when inspecting a house.