Footing Stucco Problem

This is not going to be a major problem with the building. If this footing was on the other side of the building it could be. The biggest problem with a situation like this is the drainage for any moisture that gets into the stucco. Where is it going to go.

There is no weep screed here like you see on the front section next to the downspout for the gutter. So in other words there is no place for the moisture to go except for on top of the concrete footing or actually it would be absorbed into the concrete footing creating the possibility for damage.

There's a good chance what happened here was when they were working on the building foundation, the measurements could have been incorrect. Only later to discover the problem during the framing process there was a problem with the measurements for the footings.

I just want you to be aware of problems like this and what could have created them. As a home building inspector you will run into problems like this regularly. Do not be alarmed when you run into a problem like this if you can visually see no damage.