Plywood Over Damaged Floor

Installing plywood over an existing plywood or 1 x 6 wood floor that has a little damage or even a lot of damage seems to be a real problem with homeowners or even some contractors trying to cover up this damage.

Be aware of cosmetic repairs that are done quite inexpensively in order to sell a home or to create an illusion that there is no damage done to the house.

It's hard to tell if some floors have been repaired this way, most of the time you will need some forensic construction demolition. There are of course other ways to figure out if a new layer of plywood has been installed over the existing wood floor sheathing but this might not give you clues as a home inspector to the lurking damage underneath.

You can look at your flooring to see you there are different levels from room to room. And this would probably be noticeable most at the doorways. Some people re plywood their entire home and you hope they repaired any damage underneath the new plywood floor sheathing that has been installed.

As you can see in the picture above this water damage in the bathroom has been going on for quite a while and caused extensive wood damage. None of the floor joist needed to be replaced but all the plywood flooring had to be replaced.

Installing new plywood throughout your entire house is a great way to strengthen your floor up, just make sure you repair all of the rotted wood first.