Repaired Curb and Sidewalk

Here's a classic example about some of the problems you will run into when inspecting a house as I mentioned in my book. Look at the damaged driveway. It's an asphalt driveway that looks like it's in pretty bad shape. If we noticed the curb, gutter and sidewalk looks like it's in excellent shape.

As a home inspector you're going to learn to tell the difference between new and old concrete. I placed a black arrow on the old concrete and hopefully you can see the difference between the old and the new. If you notice the water meter right under the t and home is near the new concrete. Make a note that this could have been a water meter problem also.

Lift up the concrete water meter lead and examine the water meter for new parts or plumbing pipes. If you find new parts this will give you a clue that the water meter was recently replaced and they don't replace these water meters and less there is a problem.

Now this house obviously has some soil problems from the looks of the driveway without taking into account the new curb and sidewalk. Once you go into the home start looking for sloping floors, cracks in the flooring, doors that won't shut or have large gaps.

If you are inspecting this home to live in, I strongly advise walking around the neighborhood looking for clues and talking to some of the neighborhood residents. If there are unhappy neighbors they are going to share their misery with you.