Shiplap Termite Damage

Termite damage on a wood shake roof is common. While doing a home inspection you should look at this part of the roof for your first signs of potential termite problems. The section of the roof framing right underneath the shingles is the number one spot for moisture to accumulate.

The red arrow points to a rusted nail, these nails should not be rusting and they might have used regular steel nails instead of galvanized nails. This is strictly a cosmetic problem and there is a good chance by the time the nails completely rust the wood will be damaged in this area if the termites are not taking care of.

The Black arrow points to the termite damage to 1 x 6 shiplap starter board. If you are inspecting a home with a wood shake roof, keep in mind most cities are not allowing wood shake roofs to be installed on new homes because of the fire hazard they present.