Warped 2x6 Siding Trim

If you look closely at the 2 x 6 siding trim you will notice that 8 foot long board has about a 1 inch twist in it. There's a good chance that this piece of lumber would have twisted where ever it was installed in the house.

Some lumber that is cut too close to the center of the tree or is often referred to in the construction business as center cut lumber should not be used if possible for any exterior trim because of the possibility for warping and twisting.

The arrow on the lower left points to the amount of filler that was used to make the wood damage less noticeable. This damage will not be difficult to repair, it simply requires a new piece of wood to be installed and painted.

As a home inspector this poses no structural problem to the building and is strictly cosmetic damage. This piece of lumber would not need to be replaced unless than new homeowner requests the repairs.