Some Ladder Safety Tips from Home Inspection Help

1. Never stand on the top rung of any latter in less that ladder is specifically designed for that purpose. Most ladders are not designed to stand on the top rung.

2. Always look overhead to make sure you are ladder will not run into any power lines. If you have an aluminum ladder you could be in serious trouble because aluminum conducts electricity. A fiberglass ladder would be a good choice in this situation.

3. Make sure the ladder is setting securely on the floor or ground surface.

4. Make sure all extension ladders are properly locked or engaged in the proper position before climbing. It's a good idea to visually inspect the latter before climbing up in case there are any problems.

5. Do not set the latter on a piece of plywood, cardboard or any surface that could cause the latter to slip at the base.

6. Do not move the latter while someone is moving up and down on it.

7. Do not use extension ladders for scaffolding. I have seen this many times in the home construction business.

8. Oh and the most important ladder safety tip of all would be to not walk under a ladder for fear of seven years of bad luck. I had to throw that one in their and of course I am just kidding around. Feel free to walk under ladders at your own risk. It is never a good idea to walk under a ladder anyway.

Uses common sense and think safety.