Framed Ceiling Mold Cover Up

Here's a really big no-no in home remodeling. Someone is building a drop ceiling under the existing ceiling and as you can see there is plenty of mold growing on the wallpaper and ceiling.

Once you cover up the mold in a dark damp place, guess what happens. The mold will continue to grow and eventually start to damage your new ceiling.

Some homeowners get the bright idea for a simple solution to repair something and have no idea that they are creating a bigger problem in the future.

Never built anything over damaged building materials. These building materials should be removed and replaced, to prevent more problems down the road.

I don't think I will ever be shocked, with what I've seen and repaired over the years in the remodeling business. Stuff like this always seems to amaze me and every once in a while I get to meet the person who built it.

Yes you bet your life, I ask them why and what they were thinking but do so politely. I'm not interested in hurting anyone's feelings, simply because they did know any better.