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Neighborhood Problems

Exterior Chair Problems

Poll and Chain Fence

Window And Door Security Bars

No Public Sidewalks

Small Sloping Rock Roof

Television Laying In Front Yard

Plant Debris In Street

Steep Street Problems

Neighborhood Furniture Outside

Narrow Street

Storage On Side Of House

Busy Street Problems

Residential Driving Problems

Old Cars In Nice Neighborhoods

Parkway Maintenance

Sidewalk Problems

House Near Airport Problems

Lots Of Trees On Property


Front Yard of House

Gravel Landscaping

Brick Stairs And Walls

Hose Holder Attached To Stucco

Stucco Garden Wall

Visible Street Address Sign

Visible House Address

Street Mail Boxes


Front Yard Water Drainage

Front Yard Drainage

Backyard Water Drains


Water Puddle on Sidewalk

Concrete Sidewalk Repair

Large Crack In Sidewalk

Sidewalk Crack



Concrete Driveway Inspection

Driveway Gates

Holes In Asphalt Driveway

Short Steep Slope Driveway

Damaged Asphalt Driveway With Wood Dividers

Asphalt And Concrete Driveway

Driveway With RV Parking

Control Joint in Driveway

Missing Concrete Expansion Joint

Building And Driveway Brick Separation

Grass And Brick Driveway

Driveway Drains Toward Garage

Concrete Driveway

Small Concrete Cracks In Driveway

Concrete Control Cuts

Asphalt Driveway Wet Spot

Dirt Driveway

Apartment Driveway Problem



Street Sewer Access

Private Streets

Repaired Curb and Sidewalk

Plant Growing Into Street

Cracked Curbs

Small Cracks in Street

Concrete Street Cracks

Concrete Street Repair

Sand In Street Safety Issue

Concrete Street Control Joint

Wood and Asphalt

Side Yard of House

Water Pressure Regulator

Hose Bib

Sprinkler Water Shut Off

Main Water Shut Off Valve

Three Car Parking Area

Heavy Cracks In Asphalt Street

Asphalt Street Gutter Damage

Street Pot Hole Damage

Asphalt Street Crack Repairs

Rounded Street Gutters


Parking Lot

Water Problem In Parking Lot

Parking Lot Pole Protection


House Utilities

Over Head Utilities

Mold Behind Tub Surround

Mouse Nest Under Bathtub

Mouse Entrance Under Bathtub

Plywood Over Damaged Floor



Free Standing Post Arbor

Footing Connection For Post Arbor

Vinyl Arbor

P.V.C. Gazebo

Plant Trellis Over Garage Door



Hidden Tree Stump

Keep Trees Away From Roof

House With Out Large Trees

Large Tree Front Yard Problems

Tree Branch In Roof

Tree Falls From Wind And Rain

Large Tree Branch Broken

Tree Falls On House

Roof Tree Damage

Broken Trees From High Winds

Tree Limb On Roof

Tree On Top Of Condenser

Leaves In Steep Roof Valley

Tree Growing Over Home

Fallen Tree In Backyard

Trees On House

Plants Growing On Tree

Long Driveway With Trees

Large Tree Next To House



Masonry Ivy Problem

Potted Plant on Deck Column

Plant Climbing on Stucco

Plant Covered Property Dividing Wall

Ivy Growing on Fireplace

Front of House Covered in Ivy

Well Maintained Ivy

Shrubs Close To House

Plant Growing On Wood Patio

Over Grown Home Landscaping

Ivy Roots Attaching To Wall

Inspect Around This Bush

Plant In Electric Panel Area

Plants Growing In Stairs

Plants Attacking Home


Eroding Hillside Landscaping

Slope With Tree Bark Landscaping


Retaining Wall

No Mortar Retaining Wall

Block Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall Soil Problem

Deep Planter Drain

Small Retaining Wall Large Crack


Block Walls

Block Wall Sprinkler Damage



Missing A Wood Gate

Garden Wall Stucco Damage

Uneven Chain Link Gates

Wood Fence On Brick Curb

Redwood Privacy Fence

Damaged Wood Fence Post

Block Wall With No Damage

No Fence Between Homes

Small Plants For Fencing

Vinyl Fencing

Gate Post Hardware In Concrete

White Picket Fence

Thin Wood Fence

Wood Fence On Rock Wall


House Site Drainage

Drainage Swale In Front Yard

Large Street Drain

Leaves Covering Street Drain

Drain Pipe Under Street Clog

Water On Property After Rain

Backyard Flooded

Street Water Drains Into Yard

Water Drains To Back Of Yard

Large Area Drain

Natural Ravine


Yard Sprinklers

Dirt On Street From Sprinkler



Water Conservation Front Landscaping

Backyard No Landscaping

Low Maintenance Front Yard

Leaves On Rock Landscaping

Over Grown Backyard

Rock And Paver Walkway

Area Drain In Backyard

Stairs From Street To Front Door


House Lot

Side House Easement

West House Easement

Back Yard of House

Side Yard Home Inspection

Fiberglass Shed Siding

Inside Shed Fiberglass Siding

Dirt Floor Inside Shed

Backyard Pond

Rock And Plant Waterfall

Damaged Plastic Pond

Pond Electrical Box

Backyard Drainage

Backyard And Roof Drainage

Backyard Awning

Roof View Of Backyard

Sloping Side Yard

Side Yard Soil Problem

Yard Solar Panels

Large Backyard


Swimming Pools

Rock Capped Pool Spa

Pool Equipment Fence

Pool Equipment

Swimming Pool Algae Trouble

Water Lines That Stain Pool

Swimming Pool Without Plaster

Small Rock Waterfall For Pool

Automatic Pool Cleaner

Floating Pool Chlorinator

Pool Steps And Seat

Swimming Pool Clues

Pool Protection Fencing

Pool Plaster Falling Off

Really Small Swimming Pool


Backyard Fountain




Metal Gate Inspection

Plants Growing In Wood Fence

Roof Eave Plant Damage

Steel Framed Wood Gate

Large Double Wood Gate

Well Built Wood Fence

Outdoor Dinning Area

Outdoor Pole Light

Outdoor Fireplace

Backyard Barbeque Area



Concrete Drip Edge Problem

Wet Wood Deck

Wood Deck Near Ground

False Second Floor Deck

Old Wood Planter on Deck

Wood Poles For Deck

Cantilevered Wood Deck

Deck Over Garage

Large Wood Deck Inspection




Patio Covers

Wood Post Base

Sun Rooms


Slopping Lawn Inspection

Old Bark Ground Cover

Drain In Middle Of Lawn

Large Wet Spot In Lawn

Lawn Drains Toward House


Flower Beds

Gravel Planter Overflow

Wood Bark Problem

Clay Water Fountain

Confined Step Down

Water Stain on Brick Planter

Large Planter Drains

Potential Palm Tree Problems

Landscape Wall Drainage Problem

Brick Planter With Out Drains

Planter Creating Wall Problems

Good Planter Dirt Level

Rock And Cement Planter Fill

Tile Planter

Planter Stucco Damage

Patio Planter Drainage Problem

Soil On Patio Troubles

Brick Tree Planter

Light For Tree In Planter

Rock Planter Damage


Sprinkler Pipes in Ground


Retaining Wall

Railroad Tie Retaining Wall

Minor Water Damage To Block Wall

Block Corrosion

Water Seeping From Block Wall

Large Crack In Retaining Wall



Plants Growing In Brick Patio

Missing Walk Way Brick

Rebar Sticking Out Of Patio Floor

Patio Drain In Wrong Spot



Multiple Layers of Roofing

Composition Shingles

Badly Damaged Composition Shingles

Close Up of Damage Composition Shingles

Composition Roof Shingle Damage

Wood Shake Shingles

Wood Shingles

Wood Shingle Moisture Problem

Tile Roofing

S Tile Roof

Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Edge Water Stains

Plant Under Roof Eave

Roof Top Copula

Church Steeple Inspection

Rough Looking Spanish Tile Roof

Roof Protected With Plastic


Flat Roof

Low Slope Roof

Roof Parapet Wall Stains

Poor Eave Vent Repair





Gable Vent

Gable Vent Paint Damage

Off Set Gable Vents

Large Copper Dormer Vent Back

Exterior Soffit Vents

Half Round Gable Vent

Garage Floor Vent Before Stucco

Damaged Wood Gable Vents



Gutter Connections

Unprotected Roof Ladder

Gutter Should Continue To Drain

Damaged Gutter Downspout

Damaged Downspout Close Up

Roof Gutters With Area Drains

Open Gutter End

Gutter Over Patio Roof

No Gutter Or Rain Guard On Roof

Gutter Ground Drain

Plants Growing In Gutter

Gutter Driveway Drainage Trouble

Problems From Roofing Drainage

Deck Gutter

Sidewalk Stain From Gutter

Gutter Down Spout Next To House

Plastic Gutter


Fireplace Chimney

Potential Fireplace Grout Repair

Brick Fireplace Repair

Is Chimney 2 Feet From Ridge

Fireplace Ash Clean Out

Fireplace Tile Damage

Wood Fireplace Mantle

Masonry Fireplace Flue

Extended Brick Fireplace

Fireplace Chimney Lathed

Metal Fireplace Air Intake

Metal Flue Ceiling Damage

Metal Chimney Flue On Roof

Rock Roofing Around Metal Chimney

Metal Flue Pipe Spark Arrester

Brick Fireplace Smoke Stains


Fascia Board

Extreme Fascia Board Damage

Roof Eave

T1 11 Roof Eave

Concrete Foundation

Concrete Footings

Concrete Footing Damage

Concrete Floor Slab

Raised Foundation



Busy Foundation Vent

Post Tension

Concrete Pier In Footing

No Gable Vent On Siding



Rock Walkway

Pavers Sidewalk Problems

Concrete Sidewalk Stucco Problem

Water Puddle on Concrete Next to Wood Deck

Gravel Walkway With Trees



Neat Houses

Chimney Going In House

English Style Home

Brick Siding With Shake Roof

Painted Brick Two Story Home

Old Siding and Stucco Modern Style House

Small Porch With Shingle Post Base

Carlsbad Train Station

Concrete Stairs

Hanging Stairs

Hay House



Electrical Service Poll

Copper Gas Line Problem

W Mark On Street Curb

S Mark On Street Curb

Under Ground Utilities

House Water Storage Tank



Basement Wall Concrete Problem

Basement Water Leak

Basement Wall Erosion

Basement Wall Cracks

Basement Window and Wall Problem



Storage Under Stairs Problem

Storage Under Stairway


Home Electronics

Bedroom Intercom


Garage Door

Garage Floor

Garage Door Opener

Three Car Garage

Small Two Car Garage

Double Carport

Door Inside of Garage Door

Vents in Wood Garage Door

Termite Damaged Stucco Molding

Added 2x4 For Garage Door

Wire Damaged Garage Door Sensor

Garage Conversion To Living Area

Stucco Garage Door Jamb

One Car Garages

Garage Stem Wall Damage

Loose Garage Wiring

Garage Floor Stains

Garage Work Area

Garage Door Opener

Roll Up Garage Door Track

Interior Garage Door Fire Problem

Aluminum Garage Door

Key Access Garage Opener

Wood Garage Door

Old One Car Garage Door

Clean Two Car Garage

Plumbing For Sink In Garage

Roll Up Garage Door Spring

Garage Door Fill In For Room



Exterior Shed Plywood Damage

Interior Bottom Shed Damage

Outdoor Wood Shed



Plaster Cracks Over Doorway

Plaster Falling From Ceiling

Plaster Repair In Wall

Water Damage Plaster Repair

Paint and Plaster Peeling Off Wall

Water Stains on Wall

Crack In Wall Plaster

Cracks In Wall Plaster

Plaster Wall Patch

Door Jamb Plaster Crack

Wood Lath And Framing



Ceiling Damage Around Heat Register

Water Leaking On Ceiling


Under Ground Drainage Vents


Crawl Space

New Concrete Crawl Space Access

Floor Framing Ventilation

Plumbing In Crawl Space

Water In Crawl Space

Planters Block Crawl Space Vents

Crawl Space Access Opening

New Insulation Crawl Space

Clean Crawl Space

Plastic Blocking Foundation Vent

Locked Crawl Space Access

Exterior of House

Poorly Maintained House


Front Home Inspection

Over Grown Lawn

Plant To Close To House

Discolored Composition Roof Shingles

Moss on Composition Shingles

Front Door Damaged

Plaster Peeling Off Brown Coat


Exterior Walls


Warped 2x6 Siding Trim

Damaged Side Of Building

Damaged Vents In Siding

Damaged Exterior Wood

Shake Shingle Siding Repair

Well Maintained Shingle Siding

Good Vinyl Siding Lap

Staggered Wood Shingle Siding

Shingle Siding Room Addition

Cracked Wood Shingle Siding

Damaged Wood Shingle Siding

Water Table Metal Flashing

Close Up View of Water Table

Missing Wood Shingles at Bottom of House

New Cedar Shingle Siding

Wood Siding Stain Damage

Metal Siding

Exterior Wall Inspection Problem

Exterior Ceiling Damage

Decorative Shingle Siding

Stairs And Shingle Siding Rot

Wood Shingle Siding Repair

Lower Masonite Siding Damage

Masonite Siding Swelling

Fire Damaged Vinyl Siding

Missing Vinyl Siding

Blind Nailing Siding

Cement Fiberboard Siding

Bevel Siding Starter Strip

Wood Trim And Building Paper

New Aluminum Siding Over Old House

Wood Lap Siding

Window Trim Top Warped

Wood Siding Joint Problem

Shingle Siding Corner Damage

Shingle Corner Problem

Wood Shingle Siding In Dirt



Stain In Smooth Stucco

Vertical Crack In Smooth Stucco

Stucco Damage Behind Plumbing

Cable Going Through Stucco

Anchor Behind Stucco

Stucco Damage

Stucco Water Stain

Water Stains on Stucco From Potted Plants

Damaged Color Coat From Water

Stucco Repair Around Water Pipe

No Weep Screed For Stucco

Large Stucco Crack

Footing Stucco Problem

Water Stained Stucco Under Hose Bib

Bathroom Exhaust Vent

Brick And Stucco Wall

Stucco With Wood Corbel

Damaged Stucco Wall Column

Brick Design In Stucco Wall

Small Hole Behind Stucco

Damage Behind Stucco Repair

Hair Line Stucco Crack



Brick Design Concrete Door Fill In

Brick Design With Oozing Grout

Brick And Siding Wall

Check Brick For Flashing

Gum on Brick Stairs

Wet Brick Wall

Brick Wall Space From Stair Stringer

Brick Veneer Damage Around Vent

Brick Veneer Wall Damage

Brick Patch Under Window

Plaster Crack In Brick Wall

Plaster Over Brick Damage

Brick Wall Damage

Wide Crack In Brick Wall

Structural Crack In Brick Wall

Horizontal Brick Wall Damage

Window Corner Crack In Brick Wall

Stain On Brick Stairway

Loose Bricks

Different Brick Wall Colors

Brick Water Table Flashing



Exterior Stairway Inspection

Bottom Stair Stringer Inspection

Top Stair Tread Inspection

Inspecting Under Stair Treads

Concrete Stair Tread Bracket

Stair Stringer Connection To Deck

Stair Handrail Inspection

Inspecting Under Exterior Stairs

Top Stair Handrail Inspection

Stair Landing Support

Inferior Stair Head Out

Poor Upper Stair Stringer Connection

Bottom Stair Stringer Repair

Last Stair Riser Problem

Block And Wood Stairs

2 x 12 Stairs


Concrete Wall

Concrete Wall Damage

Structural Concrete Wall Damage

Damaged Concrete Wall

Corner Concrete Wall Cracks



Stair Problem

Stairs Need Painting

Concrete Stairs and Block Wall

No Gripable Handrail

Check Handrail With 4 Inch Ball

Damaged Public Stairs

Stair Handrail Transition

New Concrete Stairs

Exterior Safety Gate

Missing Stair Bracket Bolt

Stair Tread Knot Trouble

Tile Paver Stair Damage

Painted Brick Stair Risers






Front Door

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Door Trip Hazard

Exterior Door

Old Skeleton Key Door Knob

Cracks In Exterior Door

Cement Under Door Threshold

Double French Doors With Side Lites

Two Front Doors

Aluminum Screen Door

Door Security Screen

Strap To Hold Door Open



Flaking Paint Off Siding



Room Additions

Room Addition Problem



Exterior Wall Graffiti

Condominium Mail Boxes


Okay House Problems

Handrail Blocks Door


Home Alarms

Motion Sensor For Home Alarm

Home Alarm Panel In Closet


Before You Buy Problems

Drive To House Mail Box

Small Trees Grow



Aluminum Windows

Wood Windows

Vinyl Windows

Wood Clad Windows

Missing Top Metal Window Flashing

Obscured Glass Bathroom Window

Obscured Tempered Glass Window

Missing Window Planter

Repaired Window Trim

Exterior Brick Window Sill

Bay Window With Wood Shingles


Potential Home Problems

Electric Meters By Stairway

Stair Stringer In Concrete

Dead Plant Behind Siding Trim

Block Wall Add On

Concrete Stair Landing Line Finish

Old Building Siding Problems

Brick Around Wood Post

Plant Growing On Wood Deck

Wood Damage From Shade

Moss On Stucco Stair Headout

Water Drainage Into Garage

Stucco Roof Eave Falling

Warped Stair Tread

PVC Water Pipe Next To House

Good Post Base Bad Gutter Drain


Building Protection

Garage Wall Protection Pipe



Service Panel

Electrical Breaker Connection

Outdoor Electrical

Plastic Electrical Conduit

Indoor Electrical



Plug Too Close To Cabinet




Hanging TV Cable

Hanging Telephone Line

Cable Through Large Hole In Stucco



Electric Dryer

Exposed Electrical Box

Tape Over Bathroom Light

Different Height Plugs

Stair Handrail Rope Lighting

Extension Cord In Doorway

Additional Lighting On Building

Electrical Pancake Box Problem

Hanging Electrical Wiring

Jungle Of Electrical Wiring

Electrical Outlet Problem

New Bathroom Light

New Electric Panel No Meter

200 Amp Electric Panel In Framing

Electrical Wires In Shower Framing

Outdoor Light Moved

Exterior Conduit Problem

Smashed Light Switches

Interior Sub Panel Missing Cover

Recessed Outdoor Ceiling Lights


Water Meter

Waste or Drain Pipes

Cold Water Ground

Water Heater Pressure Valve

Clean Out By Access Hole

Old Plumbing House Pipes

Plumbing Problem In Garage

Rough Plumbing Test Valve


Gas Meter

Gas Meter Protection Pipe

Plumbing Vent Pipe To Close To Window





Dish Washer

Wash Machine

Gas Dryer

In Ground Hose Bib

Old Battery Sprinkler Timer

Manual Sprinkler Valve

Potential Landscape Plumbing Problem

Old Plumbing Waste Trap

Utility Meter Enclosure

New Gad Meter

Painted Propane Storage Tank


Electric Meter

Electric Meter And Panel

Electric Meter And Phone Box


Water Meter

Water Meter Box Problem

Water Meter Box Full Of Dirt

Water Meter Boxes


Water Heater

Water Heater Door One Vent

New Electric Water Heater

Water Heater Pan

Earthquake Straps For Water Heater


Heating Wall Unit

Floor Unit

Forced Air Unit

Attic Forced Air Unit

Radiant Heat

Air Conditioning

Air Wall Unit

Air Window Unit

Window Unit Air Conditioner Base

Condensation Line

Heating Thermostat

Dirty Return Air Filter

Heating Ceiling Register


Air Conditioning

Condenser On Flat Roofing


Interior of House


Formica Bathroom Countertop


Living Room


Painted View Kitchen Window


Interior Walls





Missing Closet Shelf


Interior Stairway Inspection

Stair Handrailing Inspection

Maximum Stair Rise

Stair Tread Minimum

Minimum Stair Width

Stair Baluster Spacing

Gripable Stair Handrailing


Base Stair Lighting



House Inspection Tools



Six Foot Ladder




Electrical Plug Tester


Steep Roof Ladder


Ladder Safety

Ladder Scratching Doors

Ladder Against Corner Bad

Ladder Against Gutter

Ladder Against Gutter Close Up

Ladder Binding At Base

Ladder Binding At Base Close Up

Angle Of Ladder Wrong

Extension Ladder Base Good

Good Extension Ladder Setup

Ladder Against Post Unsafe

Ladder Used For Materials Holder

 Inspection Safety

Walking on Roofs

Using Ladders

Inspecting Electrical

Attic Safety


Water Damage

Water Damaged Ceiling Panels

Moisture On Concrete Stairs

Water Stain On Sound Board

Water Damage Near Electrical Panel

Water Damaged Plywood Siding



Water Drainage

Concrete Stairway Drainage



Termite Framing Damage

Shiplap Termite Damage

Bird Ness Under Roof

Bird Nest Hole Under Roof

Neighborhood Cat Problem

Spider Webs Around Window

Mouse Poop On Chair

Rodent Box Damage

House Pest Mouse

House Pest Small Rat

House Pest Rabbit

House Pest Squirrel

House Pest Gopher

House Pest Raccoon

House Pest Carpenter Bee

Honey Bees In Tree

Home Exterior Bee Problem

House Pest Birds In Attic

Home Pest Carpenter Ant

House Pest Swallows

Bird Spikes Pest Control

Under Bathtub Mouse Debris

Hornet And Bird Nest Under Roof

Lattice Solves Pest Problem

Pest Control House Tent

Pest Urine Stains In Drawer

Damage Under Kitchen Cabinet

Still Water Possible Pest Problem

Poor Firewood Storage Area

Prairie Dog

Decking Gap For Rodents

Gap At Bottom Of Sheathing

Bird Nest In Gutter

Bird Nest In Rafters





Missing Top Plate Strap

Wrong Size Ridge Block

Floor Joist Damage

Damaged Wood Sill Plate

Bathroom Framing

Notched Floor Truss Joist

Plumbing Pipe Wall Problem

Step To Room Addition

No Floor Framing Blocks

Treated Wood House Framing


Termite Damage

Siding Trim Termite Damage

Termite Damaged Shake Shingles

Damaged Roof From Termites

Floor Rim Termite Damage

Wall And Floor Termite Damage

Home Termite Damage

Wall Framing Termite Damage

Floor Corner Framing Damage

Wood Framing Termite Damage

Threshold Framing Termite Damage

Termite Damage Under Stucco

Sub Flooring Termite Damage

Framing Termite Damage

Floor Sheathing Damage

Termite Mud On Wall Framing

Termite Mud Trails On Footings

Upper Framing Plate Damage

Window Framing Sill Termite Damage

Concrete Porch Termite Damage

Door Framing Termite Damage

Lower Door Jamb Damage

Termite Trails On Door Jamb

Door Termite Trouble

Exterior Door Jamb Trouble

Wood Stringer Damage

Beam End Termite Damage

Live Termites In Wood

Termite Wood Soft Spots

Window Sill Framing Termite Damage





Missing Blown In Insulation

Missing Skylight Insulation

Wall Insulation

Foam Insulation Around Door Jamb

Vaulted Ceiling Insulation