Window Framing Sill Termite Damage

The window and door framing our common areas for termite damage because these areas usually are susceptible to moisture through small cracks. These cracks are usually located in the window or door itself as well as the interior and exterior protective coverings.

A small crack in the stucco right below the window can allow quite a bit of moisture or water to leak behind the stucco on to the wood framing.

This window framing sill termite damage was definitely caused by one of the problems above. By the looks of the small piece of metal behind a building paper in the upper area of the picture tells me this house had wood windows.

Wood windows can cause extensive framing damage if the windows themselves are damaged from moisture. The arrow is pointing to one of the damaged window sill framing 2 x 4's used to hold the window sill up.

This house probably would've lasted another 20 or 30 years unless the termite damage started to drastically increase somehow.

Looking at the picture above, it is interesting how termites will select one piece of wood and hardly damage one just a few inches away from it.