Sitemap 2


Truss Clip Holding Fascia Together

Truss Clip at Fascia Break

Hip Roof Rafter Overhang

Exposed Roof Rafter Bolted To Hip

Upper Connection Exposed Roof Hip

Exposed Wood Patio Cover

Large Wood Beam Patio Corner Connection

Repaired Exposed Wood Roof Hip

Damaged 1 x 6 Roof Eave

Roof Eave 1 x 6 Water Damage

Damaged 1 x 6 Roof Eave Lumber

Hip Roof Truss

Hip Roof Truss 1

Exposed Roof Truss

Roof Wood Fascia Damage

Wood Fascia Paint Problem

2 x 4 Roof Rafters

Decorative Copper Beam Cover

Roof Overhang Supports

Mansard Roof

Roof Edge Plywood Problem

Roof Edge Plywood Problem 1

Sagging Hip Roof

Decorative Wood Truss


Rafter Repairs

Roof Rafter With Wood Filler

Damaged Rafter With Plywood Sides



Wood Shingle Shed Roof

Bird Nest In Tile Roofing

Rusted Roof Edge Metal

Poor Roof Corner Patch

Roofing Fascia Board Problem

Steep Roof Inspection

Leaning Roof Pop Out

Old Shed New Roof

Rock Roof Water Diverter

2 Layers Of Old Composition Shingles

Crack On Flat Roofing

Strip Roof Patch Damage

Front Of Aluminum Shingle

Aluminum Roof Shingles

Flat Roof Drain

Roofing Rolled Over Fascia


Roof Dormers

Roof Dormer On Tile Roofing

Roof Dormer Wood Window


Metal Flashing

Roof Metal Flashing Problem

Siding Flashing On Concrete

Bent Siding Flashing

Check For Missing Roof Flashing

Wood Column Flashing Problem

Wood Corbel No Metal Flashing

Good Roof To Siding Connection

Metal Flashing Door Protector

Stucco Weep Screed

Siding Water Table Flashing

No Stair Flashing At Wall

J Metal Stair Flashing

Stucco Screened Vent

Siding Butts Stucco No Flashing

Shingle Siding Roof Trouble

Lead Roof Flashing Problem

Roof Flashing At Brick Wall

Upper Water Table Flashing

Metal Cover Over Roof Flashing

Shingle Flashing Over Window

No Water Table Flashing

Brick And Plywood Siding Flashing

Z Bar In Plywood Siding


Paper Flashing

Exterior Door Flashing Before Stucco



Plastic Skylight

Skylight In Rock Roofing

Four Foot Skylight

Skylight Before Roofing

Skylight Flashing Problem

Water Deposits On Skylight

Broken Plastic Skylight

Roof Shingle Caulking At Skylight




Attic Ventilation Holes

Attic Electrical Problems

Damaged Chimney in Attic

Wood Gable Vent

Ventilation Copula

Large Wood Gable Vent

Roof Eave Vent Blocks

Low Gable Attic Vent

Blown In Attic Insulation

Two Story Attic Access Door

Ceiling Attic Access

Before Installing Ridge Vent

Roof Leak Container In Attic

Wet Roof Purlin In Attic

Roofing Nails In Attic

Attic Storage Framing

Whirly Bird Attic Vent



Old Boarded Up Wood Window

Metal Casement Window

Operable Interior Transom Window

High Kitchen Window

Old Double Hung Window

Single Hung Window

Oval Window

Octagon Stained Glass Window

Bathtub Windows

Small Roof Over Window

False Window Over Garage Door

Missing Upper Window Flashing

Drywall Corner Bead Before Plaster

Old Wood Bay Window

Wood Trim Window Problems

Large Bay Window Inspection

Wood Window Damage

Interior Casement Bay Window

Wood Window Trim

Bay Window Seat

Garden Window

Old Aluminum Window

Aluminum Sliding Glass Door

Decorative Window Trim

Window Expansion Gap

Obscure And Clear Glass

Cantilevered Floor Bay Window

Square Bay Wood Window

Wrong Size Window Screen

Old Window Sill Framing Damage

Paint Cracking On Wood Sill

Damaged Vertical Blinds

Window Paper Flashing Damage

Small Casement Window

Window Corner Wall Crack

Wood Window And Siding

Exterior Wood Window Sill

Long Crack In Window Trim

Termites In Center Window Trim

Wood Rot In Center Window Trim


Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Door Track Greased

Dirty Bottom Glass Door Track

Undersized Vertical Door Blinds


Window Shutters

Window Shutters Over Stucco

Window Shutters Over Siding

Window Pot Shelf


Aluminum Window Awning




Tile Higher Than Carpeting

Vinyl Floor Rust Damage

Missing Tile Trim Under Cabinet

Carpet Joint At Wood Flooring

Particle Board Floor Damage

Carpet Floor Burns

Broken Floor Tile Corner

2 x 6 Floor Sheathing

Large Tile Floor Inspection

Carpet Tack Strip

Carpeting Tack Strip At Door

New Carpeting At Wood Flooring

Carpet Padding

Carpet At Doorway

Bad Tile Floor Damage

Linoleum Floor Stains

Pulled Up Carpet Damage

Linoleum Flooring

Exterior Door Flooring Problem

Tack Strip Over Tile Trouble

Plywood Wet Under Carpeting

Wood Flooring Meets Carpet

Interior Rock Flooring


Sink Hole

Large Sink Hole

Backyard Sink Hole

Ground Settling


Textured Concrete Surface

Large Textured Concrete Pavers

Concrete Porch Piers

Drying Concrete Porch

Finished Concrete Entry

Paint Peeling From Sidewalk

Severe Damaged Sidewalk

New and Old Concrete

Tree Root Under Concrete

Sidewalk Corner Crack

Sidewalk Crack

Painted Concrete Sidewalk

Outdoor Carpet Good Idea

Control Joint In Concrete Stairs

Concrete Walkway Inspection Problems

Structural Concrete Stair Crack

Concrete Stair Riser Damage

Recycled Concrete Stairway

Corner Of Building Control Joints

Poured In Place Walls

Concrete On Top Of Large Rock



Concrete No Cracks

Small Cracks In Driveway

Expansion Joint In New Driveway

Siding Space From Driveway

Driveway Corner Crack Prevention

Corner Driveway Crack

Small Curved Driveway




Old Rock and Mortar Stem Wall

Old Foundation Vent

Rock Foundation Access Hole

Rock Foundation Damage

Repaired Crawlspace Access

Foundation Crack

Foundation Problem

New Floor Slab With No Anchor Bolts

New Concrete Porch Slab

Concrete Slab Crack at Footing

Foundation Crack Under Door

Wood Pole Foundation

Wood Pole Foundation Bracing

Footing Crack and Floor Damage

New Concrete Garage Footings

Footing Soil Erosion

Week Footing Crack

Rusted Foundation Anchor Bolt

New Footing Meets Old Footing

Footing Beam Pocket

Large Foundation Crack

Lines In Old Foundation Footing

Plumbing Pipe Crack In Footing



Soil To Building Material Minimum

Soil Erosion Siding Problem

Asphalt Driveway Soil Problem

House On Hill Inspection

Soil Erosion Stucco Wall

Soil Problem Or Something Else

Wet Spot In Backyard

Soil Erosion Stair Cracks

Soil Erosion Over Stucco Wall

Soil Problem At Shed

Hill Side Concrete Erosion Idea

Small Mud Slide

Water Creating Long Term Problems

Large Crack Means Soil Problem

Expansive Soil Cracks

Dry Clay Soil

Dry Expansive Clay Soil

Dry Clay Sediment Soil

Red Clay Soil


Exterior Range Vent

Missing Metal Flashing Over Brick

Bullet Hole In Brick Wall

Color Shades On Stucco Wall

Door And Exterior Light

Rock Siding And Chimney




Outdoor Circular Stairs

Wood Stairs Damaged From Sun

Metal Stair Handrail Relocated

Notched or Blocked Stair Stringers

Outdoor Stairs With No Handrail

Outdoor Stair Handrail Problem

Deck Stair Tread Problem

Stair Deck Head Out Problem

Leaves On Wood Deck

Metal Circular Stairs

Exterior Stairs Carpet Damage

Guard Rail Building Code Problem

Short Door Under Stairs

Wood Stair Tread Damage

Broken Stair Step

Wood Staircase With Deck

Metal Stair Stringer Connection

Concrete Stair Tread Inspection

Concrete Tread Close To Stucco

Concrete Stair Landing Problem

Damaged Concrete Stair Step

Exterior Stair Base Problem

Stair Newel Post Inspection

Stairs Without Carpeting

Wood Stringer On Concrete

Metal Stairs

Stairs With Treated Wood

Metal Stair Nosing


Ramps  Ladders  Bridges

Concrete Handicap Ramp

Wood Bridge At Condominium

Stairs And Wood Bridge

Top Of Wood Bridge

Lower Wood Handicap Ramp

Upper Wood Handicap Ramp

Large Wood Bridge

Roof Access Ladder

Building Fire Escape

Red Fire Escape

Back Door Ramp And Deck

Handicap Ramp Edge Problem



Plywood Siding Damage

Plywood Siding Cracking

Sun Damaged Plywood Siding

Cracked Paint On Plywood Siding

1 x 2 Siding Trim Problem

Old Wood Siding Damage

Water Stained Shingle Siding

Vinyl Siding Door Trim

Damaged Hardboard Siding

Hard Board Siding Damage

Caulk Siding Gap

Damaged Wood Siding

Galvanized Metal Siding

Diagonal Wood Siding

Weathered Plywood Siding

Maintained House Siding

Siding Bottom Maintenance

Bottom Wood Trim Damage

Wood Filler Nail Popping

Siding Stains From Wood Filler

Siding Fascia Board Gap

Wood Siding Inside Corner

Bottom Wood Shingle Siding Damage

Buckling Ply Sawn Siding

T And G Roof Eave Siding

Plywood And Batten Siding

Shingle Siding Over Stucco

Worm Wood House Siding

Tyvek Building Paper

Three Layers Of Siding

Composition Shingle Siding - Old

Composition Shingle Siding

Missing Piece Of Masonite Siding

Blown In Insulation Siding Holes

Aluminum Siding Over Composition Siding

Three Layers Of Siding

New Aluminum Siding

Plant On Siding Damage

Plastic Siding For Ceiling

Hardie Panel Siding On Porch

Cement Fiber Board Shingle Siding

Weathered Wood Siding

Stained Wood Siding Corner

Gap At Top Of Wood Siding

Uniform Siding Nailing

Rock Siding No Grout

Wood Trim Gap Wood Siding

Rusting Nail Stains On Siding

Window Trim For Water Drainage

Horizontal No Lap Siding

Wood Trim Over Wood Siding

Cedar Shingles Coloration

Vertical Wood Siding

Asbestos Siding

Old Painted Redwood Siding



Buckling Stucco

Stucco Base Stains

Solid Stucco House Exterior

Exterior Stucco Roof Overhang

Stucco Dutch Roof

Stucco Lath On House

Stucco Lath No Weep Screed

Stucco Lath And Windows

Soil Problem With Stucco Finish

Stained Stucco From Shed

Stucco Damaged From Siding

Damaged Soft Stucco

Color Coat Stucco Damage

Exterior Wall Stucco Problems

Sand Stucco Wall Finish

House Corner Stucco Damage

Grass Growing In Stucco Wall

Stucco Erosion

Dryer Vent Stucco Damage

Cement Stairs Stucco Help

New House Stucco Stains

Color Coat Stains

Water Stains On Stucco

Stucco Wall Stains

Stucco Brown Coat And Scratch Coat

Stucco At Foundation Crack

Crack In Stucco Off Window Corner


Stucco Lath

Wire Under Stucco Lathing

Stucco Lath Wire Lap

Stucco Lath Around Clean Out

Stucco Lath Bottom Of Window

Stucco Lath Crawl Space Vent

Stucco Wall Lath Complete

Lath Paper Around Window

Building Paper On Wall

Window Flashing And Lath Paper

Bottom Window Flashing Paper

Finished Stucco Wall

Seal Electric Panel At Lath

Caulk Around Crawl Space Vent

Waterproofing Box And Lath

Lath Over Brick Fireplace

Lath Attached To Brick

J Metal At Wood Trim

Stucco Weep Screed


Dirty Brick Wall


Old Houses

Old Farm Houses

Back of Small Home

Small Old House

Small Rock House

Small Stucco Home

Rock House With Room Addition

Old Damaged Concrete Entrance

Stucco House on Rock Foundation

Old Wooden Door

Old Rock and Mortar Farm House

Tree Holding up Old House

Old Window and Door

Stucco House With Window Problems

Concrete Porch Separating From House

Old Concrete Porch Damaged

Porch Post Problems

Old Front Porch Covering

Concrete Porch Stairs Problem

Stucco Compression Buckling

Old Home With Stucco Damage

Addition With Fan Stucco Finish

Stone House With Arched Door

Old Wood Siding Gable End

Old Wood Siding Inspection

Old Building Roofing Damage

Old House Framing

Crack In Old Siding



Gravel Flower Bed Landscaping

What is This Pipe For

fencing and gates

Small Metal Framed Wood Gate

Plants Damaging Wood Fence

Redwood Lattice Fence

Redwood Lattice Fence Problem

New Stained Wood Fence


Concrete Stream Inspection

Pond Screen Protection

Moss on Pond

Pond Inspection

Spa Inspection



Bedroom Closet

Bedroom Closet 1

Old Acoustic Ceiling

Bedroom Ceiling Fan

Interior Diagonal Siding

Wall Stains From Bed

Den Or Bedroom

Television Stand On Wall

Plenty Of Wall Hooks In Bedroom

Bedroom Ceiling Wet Spot



Hallway Inspection

T Bar Ceiling In Hall


Living Room

Small Living Room

Inspect Ceiling Corners

Crack In Acoustic Ceiling

Caulking Crack In Acoustic Ceiling

Plastic Pipe In Wall For TV

Living Room Wainscoting

Scraped Acoustic Ceiling

Ceiling Drywall Tape Damage

Ceiling Joint Water Stains



House Cleaning Problems

Vaulted Ceiling Cleaning

Stained Carpet Problems

Soap Scum On Acrylic Bathtub

Closet Graffiti Under Stairway

Dirty Under Washer And Dryer

Fiberglass Shower Water Deposits

Dirt Accumulation Under Decking

Clean Concrete Floor Under Deck

Bed Against Wall

High Self In Living Room

Clean Indoor Dryer Vent

Clean Outdoor Dryer Vent


Bottom Corner of Exposed Wood Deck

Wood Deck Fascia Board Problem

Decking Fascia Gap

Deck Baluster Spacing Fine

Weak Deck Posts

Rubber Mats on Wood Decking

Cantilevered Floor Deck

Cantilevered Stucco Deck

Clear Wood Decking

Electrical Problem Under Deck

Wood Rot Damage To Deck

Wood Deck In Shade Trouble

New Decking Ventilation Problem

House To Deck Flashing Trouble

Potential Deck Framing Trouble

Siding Trim Bowing From Deck

2x6 Wood Decking Raised

Wood Decking Crack At Nail



Covered Patio With Spanish Style Roof

Tree Branch Patio Cover

Tree Branch Patio Posts

Patio Post Connection To Masonry Wall

Wood Beam Patio Corner

Covered Patio Roof Hip

Covered Patio Jack Rafter

Good Round Patio Post Base

Damaged Round Post Bottom

Small Patio Beam Repair

Patio Cover Shed Conversion

Cement Patio Pavers Problems

Wood And Metal Roof Patio

Wood Lattice Privacy Wall

Sprinkler Valve In Concrete Patio

Wood Posts Holding Up Awning

Good Metal Post Base

Bad Wood Post Base

Recycled Concrete Patio Damage

Patio Drainage Problem

Post Pressure Raising Patio Tile

Moss In Between Flagstone



New Screened Porch

Porch Connection To House

Damaged 1 x 6 Porch Sheathing

Knot Damaged 1 x 6

Angel Iron Beam Support

Possible Wood Porch Damage

South West Porch

Structural Porch Framing Problem

Damaged 2 x 6 Porch Rafter

Porch Ledger Support

Paint Peeling Porch Beam

Porch Ceiling Damage

Post on Pier No Hardware

OSB Moisture Problem

Post And Beam Problem

OSB Patio Covering Sheathing

Porch Rafter Missing Hanger

Drywall Porch Ceiling Damage

Post And Footing Damage

Porch And Flashing Problem

Cement Fiber Board Porch

Flat Wood Porch Ceiling

Paint Peeling Under Porch Roof

Porch Roof With Out Ridge



Metal Guard Rail Inspection

Stair Handrail No Guard Rail

One Step Handrailing

Poor Stair Handrail Design

Exterior Balcony Handrail Problem

Stair Guardrail Problem

Sharp Stair Handrail Corner

Leaning Stair Handrail

Concrete Handrailing

Second Floor Handrailing

Curved Second Floor Handrail

Two Story Handrail Wall


House Remodeling

Shower Remodel

Hall Light And Plug

Toilet Base Silicone Caulking

Old Linen Cabinet

Drywall Closet Door Jambs

New Door Drags On Carpet

Bedroom Remodel Inspection

Pan Under Sink Drain

Remodeled Kitchen

Remodeled Dinning Room

Entry And New Steel Door

Bedroom Lighting

Front Of House Remodel

Missing Electrical Panel Door

Rock Epoxy Patio Finish

Metal Water Heater Enclosure

Construction Trash

New Roof Old Skylight

Stairs And Retaining Wall

New Window And Foam Trim

Painted Garage Ceiling

Stucco Foam Trim Finished

Bedroom Window Outside

Remodeled Back Door


Odd House Designs

Strange Stair Design


House Maintenance

Water Drain Needs Cleaning

Metal Handrail Needs Paint

Wood Decking Needs Paint


Good Building Ideas

Concrete Post Base

Painted Concrete Platform Riser

Pipe Post Base

Crawl Space Access Cover

Shade For Side Of Patio Cover

Steel Window Fire Escape

Wood Post Next To Curb

Chamfered Post


Bad Building Ideas

Center Cut Post Trim Trouble

Bad Spot For Handrail Bolt

Wood Risers Concrete Stairs

Towel Bar Behind Toilet

Wood Bathroom Wall Cap


Exposed Wood Patio Lighting

Ceiling Fan In Exposed Wood Patio

Outdoor Electrical Wiring

Front Gate Intercom

5 Blade Ceiling Fan

Hanging Light

Bathroom Electrical Box Exposed

3 Blade Ceiling Fan

Electrical Wire Under Fascia

Dirty and Dusty Ceiling Fan

Electrical Cords Over Doorway

Single Switch Over Switch

Light Switch Cover Cut

Electrical Switch Cover Damage

Plywood Over Electrical Panel

Can Light Cover Problem

Electrical Box Under Trap

Damaged Electrical Romex

Old Light Switch

Broken Electrical Outlet

Old Door Bell Chime

Fluorescent Light

Ground Wire Outlet Problem

Wall Light In Hallway

Light Over Gate Trouble

Ceiling Electrical Box Damage

Old Interior Electric Panel

Pull String Light Switch

New Sub Panel Cover

Flush Ceiling Light

Grounding Bar Connection

Cold Water Ground Connection

Aluminum Wire

Conduit Over Siding Good Job

Where Are These Wires Going



Wall Mounted Phone Jack

Phone Jack On Floor Trim

Phone Wire In Stucco

Holes In Ceiling For Wires



Vertical Hole In Structural Wood Beam

Pipe Removed Hole In Beam

Room Addition Footing Problem

Structural Floor Joist Damage

Roof Ridge Damage

Bathroom Structural Floor Damage

Replaced Floor Joist Problem

Wall Plumbing Problem

King Stud Waste Plumbing

Holes Weaken Floor Joist

Stair Stringer Headout Problem

Structural Deck Support Beams

Exposed Ridge Beam

False Beam Supports

False Wall Supports

Interior Ceiling Problem

Wall Separation From House

Shear Wall Footing Strap

Posts Bolted To Side Of Landing

Post With Large Knot Cracking

Post To Beam Connection

Post Saddle Beam Shrinkage

Rafter A35 Connection

Heavy Wood Soffit

Structural Floor Beam Repair



Attic Forced Air Unit

Roof Swamp Cooler

Old Floor Heater

Floor Vent Close To Wall

Condensation Unit Plastic Platform

Window Air Condition Stand

Heater Vent At Roof

Heater Vent Pipe Problem

Adjustable Heating Register

Return Air Box In Framing

Return Air Over Stair Framing

Condenser Conduit Around Door

Digital Thermostat

2 Air Conditioning Condensers

Bathroom Floor Heat Register

Mechanical Closet

Digital House Thermostat

Heating Dial Thermostat

New Wall Heater

Radiant Heat Wall Heater

Wall Return Air Grill

Metal Condensation Pan

Radiant Heat Pipes In Framing

Cast Iron Stove No Backing

Round Heating Vent

Wall Mounted Heater

Bedroom Air Conditioners


Neat Buildings

Wine Barrel Door Design

Bird House Design Roof Gable

X Design Rectangular Window


Fire Prevention

Roof Fire Wall


Wire Holding Up Floor Insulation

Floor Insulation Netting

Insulation Blocking Floor Vent

Floor Framing Insulation

Large Glass Wall

Aluminum Foil Home Insulation

Foil Backed R 11 Insulation

Second Floor Insulation

Cellulose Wall Insulation

Foil Covering Doors And Windows


possible construction problems

Stair Tread Problem

2 x 4 Stair Tread Brackets


Wood Lath Plaster Damage

Damaged Ceiling Tiles

Wallpaper Water Damage

Old Wallpaper Glue On Walls

Odd Shaped Wall

Bad Drywall Repair

Bad Patched And Painted Wall

Wall Crack Above Door

Vinyl Wall Paper

Wall Crack Between Doors



Paint Peeling Off Siding

Paint On Roofing

Paint Damaged Wood Fence

Painted Exterior Stairs For Safety

Unpainted Roof Vents

Painted Plaster Over Brick Damage

Roof Fascia Paint Peeling

Interior Corner Water Damage

Painted Around Stove

Siding Paint Preparation





Lower Double Door Damage

12 Lite French Doors

Double 10 Lite French Doors

Double 8 Lite French Doors

Door Side Lites

Transom Window

Empty Pocket Door Opening

French Doors No Grids

Closet Double Doors

Small Door Under Stairway

Glass Front Door

Interior Closet Door

Office Sliding Glass Door

Double Interior Sliding Doors

Door Jamb Markings

Sagging Interior Wood Door

Gap in Screen Door

Damaged Pocket Door Jamb

Metal Door With Handicap Threshold

Missing Door Hinge

Door Threshold Metal Missing

Unfinished French Door Install

Sliding Wood Closet Doors

Door With Blinds Problem

Door Hole Cover

Other Side Of Door Cover

Interior Door Jamb Missing

Hole In Hollow Core Door

Small Back Door Troubles

Bathroom Door Kicked In

Cut Bottom Door Damage

Exterior Storm Cellar Door

Screen Door Closer Problem

Worn Stained Wood Threshold

Worn Lacquered Wood Door

Douglas Fir Door Trim

One Handle Unlock Door Knob

Home Made Wood Door




Large Interior Door Trim

Buckling Wood Paneling



Gas Log Lighter Location

Fireplace Clearances

Fireplace With Out Log Lighter

Fireplace Code Issue

Marble Fireplace Problem

Fireplace Log Lighter in Drywall

Wall Gas Fireplace

Damaged Chimney

Fireplace Flue Adapter

Metal Fireplace Flue Draft Stop

Check Fireplace Chimney Caulking

Ash Dump In Chimney


Real Estate

Lock Box On Front Door


Fix and Flip Problems

Small Trees Get Large




Ground Mounted Satellite Dish

Empty Home Theater



Heavy Bedroom Mold

Mold Peeling Paint at Bathtub

Closet Mold Problems

Wall Mold

Door Trim and Wall Mold

Ceiling Fungus

Moss On Stucco Wall

Black Mold Bathroom Ceiling

Dirt Or Mold Trouble

Mold Under Paint In Bathroom

Mold In Bathtub Grout


Water Damage

Water Damaged Roof Edge

Water Pooling Near Building

Water In Stucco

Water Damage Under Wood Window

Exterior Plaster Water Damage

Water Damaged Stucco Wall

Ceiling Moisture Problem

Floor Joist Wood Rot

Drywall Bottom Water Damage

Plywood Floor Water Damage

Water Heater Framing Damage

Wet Wood Damaged

T1-11 Plywood Siding Damage

Moisture From Soil Stucco Damage

Aluminum Window Wood Damage

Interior Drywall Water Damage

Wood Ceiling Water Damage

Condensation Shower Ceiling Problem

Bath Tub Wall Damage

Wet Wall and Window Framing

Soaking Wet Roof Framing

Plywood Sub Floor Wet

Moisture Makes Paint Peel


Potential Water Problems

Asphalt Wood Water Problem

Concrete Decking Problems

Concrete Stair Landing Problems

Water Puddle At Stair Base

Paver Tiles On Wood Landing

Sink Waste Drain Into Yard

Wet And Mossy Sidewalk


Wood Damage

False Wood Damage

Wood Sap From Stair Stringer

Crack In Wood Stair Stringer

Debris Causing Stair Damage

Floor Framing Wood Rot

Old Wood Siding Damage

Damaged Door Jamb

Routered Stair Stringer Rot

Weather Damaged Wood Handrail

Top Of Beam Rotten

Painted Over Wood Damage

Soft Wood Rot

Fungus On Wall Framing

Wood Rot Under Outdoor Stairs

Wood Trim Damage Over Siding

Dirt Next To Wood Outdoors

Post Base Planter Problem

1 X 6 Roof Damage

Large Cracks In Wood Steps



Exposed Gas Pipe At Footing

Steel Trap Water Damage

No Trap Under Sink

Galvanized Union On Copper Pipe

Clay Pipe With Tree Roots

New Cast Iron Waste Pipe

Water Heater Vent Problem

Water Heater Stand

Water Heater Roof Jack

Waste Pipe In Footing

Hot Water Line Insulation

Missing Garden Hose Valve

Kitchen Sink Waste Drains

Galvanized Pipe Corrosion

Cross Section Of Clogged Pipe

Bigger Waste Pipe Into Smaller

Two Pipes In King Stud Framing

PVC And Brass Tub Drain

Cast Iron Toilet Plumbing

Cold Weather Water Drain


Sub Floor Plumbing

Sub Floor Plumbing

Waste Pipe Tester

Waste Pipe For Wash Machine

End Of Waste Pipe Clean Out

Master Bath Plumbing System

Fireplace Gas Line

Toilet And Vent Pipe

Stove Gas Line In Sub Floor

Forced Air Unit Gas Line

Double Sink Plumbing

Toilet Clean Out In Sub Floor

Gas Meter Gas Line

Floor Clean Out Waste Pipe


washer and dryer

Vertical Dryer Vent

Dryer Stand

Electric Dryer Area

Washer Clean Out Cover

Clothes Line

Dryer Vent Troubles

Dryer To Flex Duct Connection

Dryer Flex Duct To Ceiling



Built In Cabinets

Oak Bar In House

Hanging Garage Cabinets

Cabinet Door Wont Close


House Pets

Chain Link Dog Cage

Pet Handrailing Solution

Fish Pond In Backyard


House Property Lots

One House Two Lots


Poor House Repairs

Stucco Filler Poor Repair

New Door And Damaged Jamb

Door Threshold Caulking Repair

Stair Handrailing Painting

Poor Acoustic Ceiling Repair

Bad Wall Repair Water Damage

Window Glazing Repaired

Illegal Garbage Disposal Wiring

Brick Wall With Block Filler

Ceiling Register Poor Repair

Backyard Washer Area

Foundation Crack Repair

Poor Wood Siding Repair


Good House Repairs

Repaired Door Stucco Molding

Unpainted Eave Vent Repair


Home Inspection Clues

Wood Garage Trim Replaced

Exterior Stair Step Damage

Pipe Under Roof Eave

Backyard Fence Trouble

Contractor Repair Marks

Stucco Wood Trim Missing

Old Aluminum Window Wont Close

Patio Joist Attached To Fascia

Stained Stucco Block Wall

Roof Addition For Patio

Patio Enclosed For Living Area

Missing Window Flashing

Exposed Electrical Wiring Outside

Paint Over Damaged Stucco

Soft Wood Signs

Wood Termite Damage

Stair Step Red Flag

Rough Looking Staircase

Old Concrete Fence Base

Repaired Roof Fascia Board

Roof Fascia Corner Replaced

Stucco Ceiling Failure

New Fascia Back Not Painted

Exposed Water Lines Under Roof

Ceiling Repair Around Skylight

Signs Of Door Rubbing

Missing Kitchen Outlet Covers

Interior Wall Cut From Outside

Leaking Skylight Covered

Weeds Growing In Roof Tile

Stucco Crack Repair Painted

Concrete Patch Next To House

Sagging Deck


Good Home Inspection Clues

Old Concrete Stairs

Brick Pavers Stairs

Carpet Cleaner Clues

House Inspection Diversions

Remove Mats In Bathtub

Dirt Against Wood Fence



Paint Problems On Siding

Painted Shut Wood Windows

Exterior Light Paint Peeling

Paint Peeling South Side

Roof Eave Paint Fading

Wafer Board Siding Damage

Poor Paint Preparation

Painted Post Bleeding Sap

Casement Window Painted Shut



Plaster Peeling Off Brick

Patched Basement Cracks

Cracks In Basement Floor

2 x 12 Basement Stairs

Stair Tread Problem

Flooded Basement

Basement Electrical Panel


Covering Up Problems

Wood Trim Wall Problems

Exterior Stair Repair

Bricks Under Stair Tread Problem

Stucco Finish On Wood Siding

Texture Coating Damage

Wood Trim Around Sliding Door

Window And Wall Cover Up

Wood Gate Water Damage

Original Patio Plywood Design

Corner Wood Trim


Safety Problem

Concrete Stair Tread Ruined

Plant Growing Into Handrail

Backyard Stair Problems

Wood Deck No Handrailing

Patio Edge Trip Hazard

Concrete Ramp Stair Problem

Smooth Stair Treads

Wrong Electrical Wires In Soil

Stairs To Door Opening In

Slippery Wood Winder Staircase

Tree Growing In Power Lines

Planter Safety Issue

Tempered Glass Low Window

Screw Sticking Through Gate

Hot Water Pipes Can Burn

Pole Handrail Problem

Gravel On Stairs From Walkway

Grounding Rod Safety Issue

Electrical Panel In Bad Spot

Round Wood Railing Problems


Fire Sprinklers

Ceiling Fire Sprinkler


Clues For Repairs

Exterior Tread Repair



Unfinished Drywall

Vaulted Drywall Ceiling

Bathroom Drywall Ceiling

Drywalled Fireplace

Washer And Water Heater Drywall

Sink And Toilet Drywall

Skylight Drywall

Stairway Drywall

Living Room Drywall

Wash Machine Plumbing Drywall

Bathroom Shower Drywall

Closet Drywall

Window Drywall

Rake Window Drywall

French Door Drywall

Medicine Cabinet Drywall


Home Owner Tips

Trash Can Curb Problems

Foam Electrical Box Protection

Use Garage Door On Hot Days


Kitchen Damage

Old Kitchen Cabinets and Counter

Exposed Gas Pipe In Kitchen

Cabinet Refrigerator Problem

Cast Iron Sink Rim Damage

Exterior Hole Under Sink

Kitchen Water Damage

Stove Top Problem

Small Kitchen

Wood Grain Formica Counter Top

Stove Ventilation Pipe In Floor

Kitchen Exterior Clean Out

Electric Stove Burner Problem

Counter Top Corbel Supports

Granite Counter Close Up

Large Kitchen With Table Area

Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances

Faucet Left Side Of Sink

Hand Held Sink Sprayer

Kitchen Cabinet Oven Problem

Formica Counter Edge Damaged



Damaged Small Bath Vanity

Damaged Bathroom

Dirty Bathroom

Claw Foot Bathtub Leg

Spa Bathtub Wood Framing

Paint Peeling on Bathtub

Large Bathtub Grout Gap

Bathtub Installation Problem

Mirror In Bathtub Area

Wood Bathroom Counter Top

Toilet Wall Problem

Tape Over Bathtub Drain

Hard Glue Behind Tub Surround

Cabinet Base Damage

Broken Soap Dish

Bathtub Inspection Test

Bathtub Tile Inspection

Double Shower Heads

Shower Without Enclosure

Toilet Home Inspection

Shower Framing Before Hot Mop

Hot Mopped Shower Pan

Hot Mopped Shower Seat

Shower Valve In Framing

Shower Curtain Wrong Side

Sliding Shower Doors

Bathroom Skylight And Vent

Bathroom Cabinet And Sink

Bathroom Shelves

Cast Iron Bathtub In Framing

Acrylic Bathtub

Acrylic Shower

Bathroom Mirror

Bath Ventilation Ceiling Fan

Bathtub Fixture Tile Damage

Burn Damaged Acrylic Bathtub

Rust Around Bathtub Trip Lever

Mirror And Medicine Cabinet

New Acrylic Shower Pan

Acrylic Marble Bathtub

Hard Board Shower Panel Trouble

Missing Bathroom Mirror

Missing Shower Head

Marble Hard Board Shower Enclosure

Steel Bathroom Sink

Old Fashion Cast Iron Bathtub

Fiberglass Shower Framing Stage

Spa Bathtub Window

Spa Bathtub Control Panel

Spa Bathtub Jets and Light

Bent Spa Bathtub Over Flow

Damaged Cast Iron Tub Finish

Large Acrylic Bathtub Surround


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