Texture Coating Damage

As you can see on this wood siding balcony that has been sprayed with some sort of protective texture coating, some of the siding is damaged.

The problem with this damage is that it is covering a second story guard rail and who knows the extent of the damage underneath the siding.

If you noticed this guard rail is one continuous railing with no posts going from the balcony floor to the ceiling to support the guardrail. The design of this guard rail does not seem very secure and I would imagine it is a little wiggly when you get towards the center of the guardrail.

Don't let me give you the illusion that there is any damage underneath the siding. I am just assuming that there could be damage, based on the exterior of the guard rail siding.

On one of my jobs I tore down a wall like this quite easily by sawing it into 20 foot sections and simply pushing it off of the balcony and onto the ground.