Stucco Finish On Wood Siding

Quite a few years ago there was a company and I believe their name was Tex e coat and I don't believe they are still in business, because I cannot find them anywhere on the Internet.

I think I know why they went out of business but will not make any assumptions.

This company had a elastomeric type stucco that could be sprayed onto your entire home as a protective coating.

Some of these coatings would last a long time while other coatings would not. Some of these coatings would flake off of the wood and stucco creating problems for the homeowners.

One time I had a representative come out to look at a home where this stucco like product had flaked off of the stucco walls and was also flaking off of the roof eaves.

The representative of this company explained to me that it was applied improperly and there was going to be no guarantees for their product.

At the time I was quite young and did not understand this person was just giving me the runaround and was not going to stand behind his product. I chose to never do business with anyone associated with that company again.

If you run into a situation like this where there is a stucco based product that was applied over wood siding or wood roof eaves, you might think twice about purchasing the home or building.

There really is no way to scrape this stuff off and repaint it. If there is a way, I would imagine it would be very labor intensive and quite expensive.