Large Stucco Crack

This large stucco crack looks like it has been repaired somewhat. If you look at the bottom of the crack it looks like someone has added color coat to the building. This of course was added to cover the crack and as a house inspector you should be aware of problems that get covered up like this.

This crack is large and tells us there is a structural problem here. They're either has been some movement in the building or the building is still moving. If you notice the crack goes up to a building pop out or overhang of some sort.

Cracks usually go from corners to corners and you will notice this, the more home inspections you do. This applies to concrete for sidewalks and driveways as well as stucco.

This crack is not going to cause the building to fall down today but should be addressed by a building contractor or structural engineer. There is a lot of weight on this corner of the building. The stucco will have to be removed in order to view the wood framing and assess the problem.