Floor Corner Framing Damage

This termite damage is located at one of the corners of the house and seems to be quite extensive. This house is going through the remodeling process and of course all termite damage will need to be replaced.

While working on this home I could not figure out where the damage had actually came from. There was a hose bib about 10 feet away from the wood damage and of course there was a gate right next to the corner of the house.

The only conclusion I came up with was the sprinklers could have been spraying onto the wood gate and of course this side of the house was constantly shaded by and large growing plants from the property next door.

The floor corner framing damage could have been caused from moisture on a daily basis seeping into the piece of wood nailed on to the house stucco used to keep the gate closed. This moisture of course would seep into the stucco and onto the wood creating a fresh supply of moisture for the termites.

This damage was only found after the stucco and drywall was removed.