Sub Flooring Termite Damage

This could be a big problem in any house and of course I'm talking about sub flooring termite damage. Termites in sub flooring or floor sheathing can create more of a safety hazard than termites working their way through other parts of the house.

Once a termite has destroyed the sub floor sheathing or one of the framing floor joists the damage could be enough to have stepped on to have someone actually fall right through the floor.

There is a good chance you will not be able to see the sub floor termite damage because it will usually be covered up with a flooring of some kind like carpeting, tile, wood flooring or vinyl flooring.

The first clue while doing a home inspection would be a spongy or soft floor and this will probably be located in a bathroom or kitchen area. These areas are more susceptible to water damage than other rooms in the house because of the actual plumbing fixtures in the rooms.

If you look to the left and the right side of the arrow you will see water stains on the wood floor sheathing. This gives us our first clue that there was water damage at one time and this attracted the termites to the sub flooring.

The water stains on the floor looks quite extensive and could have been leaking for a while but the leaks of course would have been small because we see no wood rot in the sub flooring.

When looking for sub flooring termite damage you will have to put your home inspector hat on and do some investigation. Don't forget on a floor like this you can always grab a flashlight and some overalls and crawl underneath the floor in the crawl space area to look for additional house damage.