Inspect Behind This Tree

Here's a classic cover up problem. Some of these trees have been here for years and never trimmed or maintained.

While doing your home inspections, you will have to do your best to look behind large bushes and trees like these.

Sometimes the damage done by these trees can be quite extensive. If the house is located in a high wind area, you could actually have a section of the house exterior, worn from the tree rubbing against the house as the wind blow the tree back and forth.

These trees also provide shade and if enough moisture is around this section of the home, you could have termites or wood rot.

If you can't inspect behind or around these trees, make a note of this in your home inspection report. These large bushes or trees might need to be trimmed before you purchase the home, to complete your visual house inspection.

All trees and bushes should be at least 4 to 6 inches away from the home.