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"Put an end to the "STRESS" and


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Home Buyers Beware

If you've haven't purchased a home before, I would advise you to purchase this checklist and get advice form others who have been through the home buying process. Don't rely entirely on your real estate agent or it could cost you a small fortune, this happened to me.


I know it's hard to imagine, but some people actually take advantage, of other people.


I know... it's hard to believe, but it happens and if you don't want to become their next victim, then you better understand as much as you possibly can about the process.




Think About This - What if you bought a book for less than 20 dollars and it saved you 20 thousand dollars?


What if you bought a book and it saved you thousands of dollars in future home repair bills?


What if it saved your life? What if it saved one of your children's lives?


That's what I thought, now you're paying attention.


Don't fall into the same trap I fell into and get taken advantage of by someone you thought you could trust (The Friendly Real Estate Professional and Their Team).


Oh, By The Way, think twice before you hire a home inspector, who isn't qualified. Been there, done that and it usually works out worst than dealing with someone who's planning on taking you to the cleaners.


This is the reason I created this checklist, to save you from going through the same Bullshit, I went through.



One of the biggest problem with most real estate professionals is they're always in a hurry. And I can't blame them, they're trying to make a living and selling you a home, sooner than later, frees them up to show other property to other clients. The end result is more profit for the real estate agent.




Don't Fall Into This Trap, Know What You're Buying

The problem with most home inspection checklists is they don't ask you any questions. Most of these checklists have excellent, average and poor boxes to check off. This doesn't help much when you're looking at the word bathroom and you're supposed to check off the box that says average, because the bathroom looks average.

This checklist is asking you how you feel about the overall condition of the bathroom. You need a checklist that is providing information not asking you how you feel about the bathroom.

I never could figure this out.

Our checklist has simple yes or no questions to answer, this will force you to actually inspect the general condition overall of the entire bathroom.

Does the toilet leak?

Is there mold growing on the baseboards?

How old is the bathroom floor?

How many people use this bathroom on a daily basis?



Here are sample questions from the Home Buyers Checklist.


  Examine the Interior walls and ceilings for cracks, holes, worn, sagging, bowed, marked or damaged areas.

   Are there any water stains, mold or mildew on the ceilings or walls? This will be signs of water leaks or damage.

   Is there any floor trim or other wood moldings, missing, cracked, loose, and worn or needs to be repainted?

  Examine the flooring for any rips, loose or excessively worn areas. The stairs and hallways are high-traffic areas.

   Is there enough natural lighting during the daytime? Windows or skylights can be added, in some homes

  Are any of the rooms to small or large? Small rooms can create furniture arrangement and storage problems.

  Do the bedrooms have closets? Older homes might not have closets; they used dressers and armories to store clothing.

  Are the ceilings too low or too high? Taller people have problems moving around in rooms with low ceilings.

  Is the ceiling popcorn or acoustic? Some older homes have hazardous asbestos in these ceilings.

  Are there any ceiling mirrors? Most mirrors are made from glass, if not properly attached can fall and injure someone.


This homebuyers checklist, ask you very specific questions with simple yes or no answers. Each question has a brief description of the question. This description provides you with more clarity if needed about the question.


      We Found Wet Wood In The Attic....


      We didn't look in the attic the fist time but went up

      with a flashlight the second time and found a wet

      piece of wood in the roof.


      Roof leaks can be hard to find and expensive to fix.

      Replacing a worn out roof is another story.

          Don't buy someone else's nightmare.

I have rarely run across a real estate agent who has no intention of selling one of their clients a home. Is the real estate agent going to help you after you have purchased the home with any problems.


        Stucco Finish Over Wood Siding What??????


        No one wanted to answer our questions. The siding

        looked weird, it looked like damage we had never seen

        before. We couldn't get any answers from the home

        owner at all.

        We finally told the realtor we wanted to meet the

        owner and he mentioned it was his property.


            Use the home buyers check list or pay for repairs latter.

What about the person you bought the home from, are they going to send you some money, if major repairs are necessary, after you have purchased the home. Often after the purchase is made and they move into the home, will they start to notice problems. Usually it's to late by then.



Toxic Mold In The Bathroom.......


I would have missed the mold because it was so small but I had my check list. I'm not a professional home inspector and I can't afford to hire one every time I want to look at a house for sell.


This checklist is worth it's weight in gold.

      Take the home buyers checklist whenever shopping.


I hope you're starting to get the picture of how important this home inspection checklist is, for your benefit and protection. Some real estate professionals and home inspectors, are not concerned with, what happens after the home is purchased and they are no longer involved in the transaction.



How Much Is This Going To Cost Me????


Home repairs like this can be expensive.


This is an electrical ceiling box. There used for

remodeling and often ceiling fans hang from

them. The vibration of the fans pull the boxes

out of the ceiling.

      Electrical problems like this could lead to bigger problems.

Have you ever met someone who has your best interests in mind because they were worried about you purchasing a home with problems, let alone major construction problems or home building defects.



Most Buyers Miss Simple Things.......


This is a ceiling stain caused from a roof leak.


If you don't have a trained eye to spot potential problems, you are going to miss a lot. The power of observation requires training and takes time you don't necessarily have.

      Professionals home inspectors use checklists always.


You need to look out for yourself and your family. There are plenty of

honest people in the home selling business, and if you get to do business

with them you will probably have a pleasant experience. I use the word

probably because with out some sort of check list, even professionals that

have been in the business for many years can make mistakes.



Damage That's Hard To Find.......


If you don't know what to look at or where to start,

how are you going to find the problems.


Knowing what to look for is the key to a good

home inspection. This simple to use home buying

checklist gives you the starting power .


      Simple questions that people forget to ask.

Some home inspectors and and real estate professionals, lack the experience necessary to inspect a home. Often these people I'm talking about are new to the business and don't want you to be aware of this because any questions they can't answer makes them look unprofessional.

Sometimes they will lie or make something that sounds believable to home buyers without the house inspection experience also.


Are These Cracks A Problem?????


How can I tell if I need to replace the basement

floor, or if water will flood the basement with

if it's not water proof.


Carpet flooring and boxes laying all over the basement

floor make these cracks hard to notice.

      One Question Can Save You Thousands of Dollars.

Even the best home inspectors and real estate professionals make mistakes. These mistakes can cost the new or previous homeowner thousands of dollars. Most of the time these mistakes will not affect the home inspectors or real estate agents financially. However if you're the new homeowner, you're going to get stuck paying the bills.


Termite Damage You Can't See.......


Looking for clues could lead you to finding other

problems with a home.


The home inspection checklist is designed to use

with homeinspectionhelp.com. This site is filled

with helpful pictures.

      A picture is worth a thousand words.

Here's an example:

You're looking at the section on water heaters and you notice something you have never heard of. Electric water heater, what's that, I thought all water heaters were powered by natural gas. I didn't even know they made the electric water heaters.

Something simple like this could pay for the cost of the book very easily. With the knowledge that electric appliances like water heaters usually cost more to operate annually than gas water heaters, this could change your mind about buying the homes.

This decision could easily save you, many times the amount you paid for this home inspection checklist. But that's not all, what about the other questions on the checklist.

What if there were a few questions on the checklist, that over time would have saved you at least $1000. What's this home inspection checklist now worth to you.

This home inspection checklist is simple to follow and is designed to ask questions that some real estate, home inspection, homebuyers and home sellers might not ask or even know to ask or help you find the answers to.

Don't buy a home without this checklist


Unconditional No Questions Asked

100% Money Back Guarantee

Get the homebuyers checklist now, before you purchase a home. If you're not completely satisfied, within eight weeks, you can ask for a full refund.

There will be no questions asked. Plus you can keep the home buyer's checklist! How many times in your life have you been able to keep a product when you have asked for your money back? We stand behind our product 100%, and if you're not happy, we're not happy.

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You Can Always Use This Checklist As Part of an

Annual Home Inspection.



  Your Annual Home Inspection Checklist

  Check the Roofing
  Check the Crawlspace
  Check the Windows
  Check the Doors
  Check the Attic
  Check the Garage
  Check the Plumbing



  Check the Driveway
  Check the Bedrooms
  Check the Kitchen
  Check the Bathroom
  Check the Landscaping
  Check the Exterior Walls
  Check the Interior Walls

  What Am I Going to Be Looking for?

  Water Leaks
  Termite Damage
  Wood Rot
  Peeling Paint
  Missing Shingles


  Cracked Siding
  Holes in the Stucco
  Damaged Electrical Outlets
  Mold and Mildew

  Roof Leaks

Prevent any damage from getting worst. Mold and wood rot can

cause serious damage to your house in just a few years.



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